Virada Drums is building a roster of sponsored community Brazilian drumming groups, including samba schools, blocos, drumming and dance ensembles, and other community groups. These partner groups will receive special discounts on equipment purchases and other benefits. A separate program will be available for schools and academic institutions and for professional performers/educators.

To apply to enter this program, please contact Virada Drums with information about your group.

Your group and members will receive:

-Special coupon code for 10% off any items* in stock for your group and for individual members 

-Larger discounts (15-20+% possible) on special quarterly pre-orders over $600.  These orders will be made approximately four times a year, with 6-8 weeks turnaround time. 

-Consultation and advice on purchases of instruments and accessories  

-Opportunity to special order unique products not normally carried in stock, including custom printed drumheads, custom collard drums and accessories, replacement parts, and more. 

-Your group will be featured on a Community Drumming Groups page on and in social media posts

In return:

-Your group will include the Virada Drums logo and link to on your website as sponsoring partner

-When your group purchases supplies from Virada Drums through this arrangement, share a photo or video of the new products on social media 


-No products from Virada Drums may be resold for profit

-Discounts are for active group members only

-Terms of this agreement (including discounts) are confidential

-*Some items are ineligible for full discounts. A list will be updated.

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