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Released by Samba Beats Brand, “As Bossas do Mestre Maurão” is the first music book focused on transcribing ‘bossas’ (aka Paradinhas). Bossas are the rhythmical breaks which the samba school baterias use to enrich the arrangement of their carnival songs.

Watch a video of one of the bossas transcripts in the book

Watch these breaks

For 10 years Mestre Maurão was the Mestre de Bateria (Bateria’s First Director) in the following Samba Schools: Unidos do Viradouro, Academicos da Rocinha e Cubango. For eight straight years from 2011 to 2018, Mestre Maurão did not lose a single point for the schools where he was Mestre de Bateria (it means that he got at least three highest grades from the four judges). And in 6 of those years he got the highest grade of the four judges. A great achievement that is due to his teaching method and the way to make each instrument section sound harmoniously. Maurão also plays an important role in creating and developing a new style of breaks. They are bigger and more complex, with the participation of all the sections.

The book has 148 pages and there are transcript 7 bossas and 1 esquenta (67 bars!!). Each Bossa is notated with all instruments together followed by a score for each instrument. It is also indicated in which part of the lyrics of the samba song the bossa was originally created, plus the name of the song. In Samba Beats website there are the links to videos of the bossas transcript on the book.

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Gabriel Lopes is a musician since 2001 and works with the band Monobloco since then as a musician and a percussion teacher. With Monobloco he recorded 4 albums, 2 DVDs and did extensive tours throughout Brazil and the world, as well as many parades on the streets of Rio, São Paulo and Belo Horizonte. In 2005 was one of the founders of the bloco Volta Alice, and parade for the first time in 2006’s carnival. Gabriel is Volta Alice’s mestre de bateria since its foundation. The parades gather an average of 10,000 people and the bateria has around 100 musicians. Through Volta Alice and Monobloco, he participates actively in the renaissance of Rio de Janeiro’s street carnival in the early 2000s.

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