Gope Repique bacurinha, 8″ x 30cm


Gope repique


8” x 30cm

5 tuning lugs

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Gope repiques are prized for their sharp, clear, projecting sound, especially for use in samba reggae and Bahian rhythms.  The bearing edges are even and sharp and the drums have nicely machined hardware that allows for accurate tuning.

12″ repiques are common for outdoor use, typically worn with a strap around the waist with flexible sticks or a wood stick. These drums have a prominent voice in the samba reggae rhythms of groups like Olodum and Ile Aiye. They can also be played in Rio style samba.

10″ repiques can also be used outdoors.  They have a higher pitched sound.

8″ and 6″ repiques, called “bacurinhas” have an even higher pitch.  They are more commonly used on a stand on stage, played with small flexible sticks. These drums have been used by bands such as Timbalada and other modern bands in Bahia, playing axe and pagodão.

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