Choro Camp New England

Attention choro fans!

Students of Brazilian music will be happy to hear there is a new event on the eastern horizon: Choro Camp New England. The first music camp on the East Coast devoted to Choro and related Brazilian musical traditions, the event will be held June 24-30 on the campus of Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts. 

With two percussion instructors on staff — Valério Xavier and Eduardo Ferreira — Choro Camp New England is set up to accommodate both newcomers and experienced pandeiristas. Newcomers to pandeiro will want to check out this excellent short video prepared by Valerinho in which he offers a few basic exercises you can use you get ready for Choro Camp…or for your local roda.

Choro Camp will also offer instructional tracks for winds and fretless strings, guitar, mandolin/bandolim, accordion and cavaquinho. With classes, rodas, housing, meals, and performances all in one place, the event promises a full-immersion experience that is rare not only in the US, but anywhere!

A hand-picked collection of choro pandeiros and percussion instruments from Virada Drums will be available for use and purchase at the camp. Camp participants will be able to try out and compare instruments in classes. 
If you will be attending Choro Camp New England and are interested in an instrument from Virada Drums, contact Carl to request that instrument be sent to the camp. A limited number of instruments can be sent, but all requests will be considered. 

Below are some instruments especially recommended for choro music.

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