Gope 14” Wood Tantan


One model available with a SKIN head. Napa currently out of stock.

Gope 14” Wood Tantan with SKIN head
Six tuning rods

Great for pagode and samba. Deep resonant tones from the napa head, and great sounding wood shell. Can be played with a small mallet.

This tantan has a small hook on the open end to attach a strap so the drum can be carried and played while standing.

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Rebolo, tantan, tan-tan, tanta, and other similar spellings refer to the same type of drum.  Usually 12-14″ in diameter and 45-60cm long, with one head (skin or napa).  Rebolo often refers to a smaller 12″ drum.  Tan tan (etc.) can refer to the larger 14″ drums, or also to the 12″ drums.

12″ are great to be used with a higher tuning along with a lower tan tan or surdo.

14″ tantan can be tuned the same as a surdo for pagode and played in a similar role.

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Silver, White/Red


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