Introducing Virada Drums

For many years, I have sourced and imported quality drums from Brazil for my students, colleagues, CU-Boulder, and the Boulder Samba School. I created Virada Drums to continue supplying quality authentic instruments to Brazilian enthusiasts, professional musicians, and schools and groups. Along with providing instruments, I will continue to offer guidance and advice to those considering a purchase.

Beginning the first time I traveled to Brazil and brought back my first handmade panderio and authentic caixa for my friends, I have hand picked the best quality instruments available in Brazil to develop my own playing, improve the sound of my ensembles, and allow the traditional sounds and  techniques that have developed to play certain instruments with specific qualities of materials, construction, shapes, and timbres. I’m committed to supplying quality instruments that I would use myself and recommend to others.

Current Status
I have many instruments and accessories currently in stock that will soon be available for purchase through For now, please contact me directly at to purchase:

Bateria drums (surdo, caixa, repique, tamborim, etc.) and pagode drums (tan tan, pandeiro, reco-reco, etc) from Ivsom Instrumentos Musicais, Artcelsior, Gope, RG Intrumentos. Edgar do Rei dos Agogos;

Pandeiros from O Profissional, Pizzott, Bira, Wagner Oliveira, and Gope;

Cases, skins, sticks, straps, and other accessories.

A list of items these items is available here. If you are interested in any particular items, please get in touch and I may be able to set it aside for you. If other people in your areas are interested too, I can combine orders and ship together to save on costs.

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