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Virada Drums specializes in advising schools, universities, and community groups in purchasing Brazilian percussion instruments for their programs. Please contact Virada Drums for advice on selecting instruments and ordering.  Discounts are offered for larger orders for schools and institutions.

Carl Dixon has presented workshops on Brazilian bateria percussion in many schools, helping schools start Brazilian percussion ensembles and working with students playing Brazilian percussion instruments. Carl is available for clinics and workshops internationally and for free consulting on starting a Brazilian percussion ensemble or adding Brazilian percussion to an existing ensemble (percussion ensemble, drumline, jazz band, choir, etc.). 

The practical benefits of a school Bateria ensemble include:

-Relative low cost of instruments
-Flexible instrumentation and size of ensemble
-Flexible repertoire; can play for short or long time periods
-Ensemble is mobile and can play while moving. Can play in parades, marching band shows, etc.
-Can play for athletic events
-Well suited for outdoor performances
-High energy music

Musical benefits of a school Bateria ensemble:

-All music can be taught by ear and can be memorized
-Different instruments are easily accessible for all levels of percussionists and non-percussionists
-Develop rhythm and ensemble listening and playing skills
-Develop rhythmic “swing”

Included in this handout are some basic samba rhythms and a glossary of terms and instruments.

Here is an example of drums and accessories I recommend for a 16-member bateria to play Samba and other rhythms in the style of samba school baterias from Rio de Janeiro. I am happy make recommendations on sets of instruments for different styles and sizes of ensembles. Just contact me.

Group discounts on large orders are available.

Qty. Item

1x    Artcelsior Aluminum Surdo, 22″

1x    Artcelsior Aluminum Surdo, 20″

1x    Artcelsior Aluminum Surdo, 18″

2x    Artcelsior 12” Aluminum Repique

3x    Artcelsior 12” Aluminum Caixa

3x    Edgar Two-Bell Agogo

3x    Artcelsior Tamborim, Six Lug

2x    Artcelsior Chocalho – Light

8x    Macapart Padded V Drum Strap

3x    Tamborim Baqueta – 4

2x    Ivsom Surdo Mallets – Medium

2x    Ivsom Surdo Mallets – Large

6x    Ivsom Caixa Stick – Macaranduba

6x    Ivsom Repique Stick – Macaranduba

2x    Ivsom Repique Stick – Marfim

1x    Artcelsior Steel Z Tuning Key, 3/8”

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