Choro Camp New England

Attention choro fans! Students of Brazilian music will be happy to hear there is a new event on the eastern horizon: Choro Camp New England. The first music camp on the East Coast devoted to Choro and related Brazilian musical traditions, the event will be held June 24-30 on the campus of Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts.  With two percussion…


School Orders

Virada Drums specializes in advising schools, universities, and community groups in purchasing Brazilian percussion instruments for their programs. Please contact Virada Drums for advice on selecting instruments and ordering.  Discounts are offered for larger orders for schools and institutions. Carl Dixon has presented workshops on Brazilian bateria percussion in many schools, helping schools start Brazilian percussion ensembles and working with…


Samba Rhythms for Caixa

Here are ten Rio samba rhythms for caixa played different caixa available from Virada Drums. These rhythms are all common in samba, and include variations played baterias of Rio samba schools. The caixa is used by all samba school baterias in Rio. Some baterias have up to one hundred caixa! When parading the caixa is played either "em baixo" (below…

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