Contemporanea 12” Wood Tantan with napa head


Contemporanea 12” Wood Tantan with napa head
Six tuning rods

12″ diameter x 50cm tall
Straight shell

Great for pagode and samba. Deep resonant tones from the napa head, and great sounding wood shell. Can be played with a small mallet at a low volume.

Contemporanea Rebolo

12” x 50cm aluminum shell

Skin head

Recommended Case (50cm)

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Rebolo, tantan, tan-tan, tanta, and other similar spellings refer to the same type of drum.  Usually 11-14″ in diameter and 45-60cm long, with one head (skin or napa).  Rebolo often refers to a smaller 11″ and 12″ drum.  Tan tan (etc.) can refer to the larger 14″ drums, or also to 11-12″ drums.

11″ and 12″ are great to be used with a higher tuning along with a lower tan tan or surdo.

14″ tantan can be tuned the same as a surdo for pagode and played in a similar role.

Additional information

Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 21 × 13 × 13 in



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