Timbra Aluminum Surdo, 18-22″


Timbra Aluminum Surdo

Available in 18″ x 40cm, 20″ x 40cm, and 22″ x 40cm sizes

These Timbra surdos are designed for playing samba reggae, samba afro, and other rhythms from Bahia. The shallower depth make them more comfortable to carry low with a waist strap. Also good for Rio-style playing and general bateria use.

18″ is good for third (dobra)
20″ and 22″ can be used for first and second surdo (primero/segunda, or fundo)

A set of 18″-20″-22″ is a common set of three surdos for samba reggae playing.

The 18″ surdo has two nylon heads and can be tuned higher for dobra playing.
The 20″ and 22″ surdos have a nylon head on the bottom and a special reverse napa head on top. This head has a layer of napa fabric underneath the top nylon head which produces a deep focused bass tone without sacrificing the rhythmic attack of nylon.

18″ and 20″ surdos have 10 tuning lugs. 22″ surdo has 12 tuning lugs. This is more than typical surdos. It adds a bit of weight, but allows for more precise tuning and resonance.

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